Create inspired explorers

Children who are inspired to explore the world around them receive the greatest foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Create space and time to cultivate exploration and early learning with Educa.

Teachers inspire adventure

Children are inspired when teachers are present to their needs and guiding them in new and wonderful directions, not doing admin.

Free up time for hands-on teaching and quality interactions.

  • Capture inspiration as it unfolds
  • Recording group learning for efficiency
  • Connect the admin dots when it suits
  • Built for Learning Story success
An incredibly helpful way to organize my observations and keep track of the children's interests and learning.
Roosevelt Island Day Nursery, NYCDOE, US
Get your day back! Spend more time with children.

Inspiration's a team effort

Early education works best when everyone is involved. Connect the people that count so learning exploration continues seamlessly inside and outside the classroom.

  • Connect the child’s team effortlessly​​
  • Make learning visible by sharing as it happens​​
  • Empower discussion and seamless learning outside the classroom (Give the team a voice)​​
The feedback from families is far greater, the connections between home and centre are more meaningful, in-depth and regular!
Rosy Cheeks Early Learning Centre, New Zealand​

Explorers follow a path

Creating environments, where young children learn, explore and thrive, takes guidance, planning and preparation. Teachers, governments and educators create paths for children to follow at a site, local, regional and national level.

  • Show the individual child’s route with great planning
  • Choose the broad learning path (pick your curriculum)
  • Record their learning journey so everyone can see the results​
We now keep a record of each child’s individual learning and development enabling us to accurately fulfil our requirements as an Educational Leader.
Carlingford Kindergarten, Australia

Your tool for the adventure

Educa is perfect for early educators.

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